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So I started this thing, then went MIA for a while. Life happened. We got even more broke... still struggling with that. But somehow surviving. My grandma got real sick, and we almost lost her. So for the past two weeks I've been at the hospital more than anything else.
She went in for side pains... ended up having emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel. Part of her intestine was rotting because stuff couldn't pass, and some of it just wasn't where it was supposed to be. And apparently, her body wasn't up for the surgery. She was in the ICU for a week, barely hanging on. We had family from all over coming up to say goodbye, we really thought we had lost her. :(
The day we all went up to have the family meeting with the dr, we were ready to tell him to take her off everything, and if her body held on, then it wasn't her time. But if she couldn't live without those machines, then we needed to let God take her. Before that meeting even happened... she woke up. She was responding, lucid, answering questions. She could only nod, because she still had the breathing tube down her throat. But she was awake! Something we were at the point of thinking wasn't ever going to happen again!
She is now out of the ICU, and doing great. She isn't fully out of the woods yet... but she doesn't need intensive care anymore. She survived! I'm really proud of my kids... they are 6 and 8 years old, and they were at the hospital with us every day, sometimes all day. And they never once misbehaved. Now I knew I had good kids, don't get me wrong. But even that had to be a big job for them. (Lord knows they're making up for it now... by the end of the day I am searching for the duct tape!!)

Fast forward to this weekend, and I was at the hospital again. Only this time with Xander. He was staying with my mom, and told her that it feels like a volcano erupting when he pees. (LOL Yes, very descriptive... he's good at that) So I called the phone nurse, assuming it was a UTI or something. The dr's office was closed for the day, so she had me take him to the ER. I almost didn't though, because hubby thought it was probably just a yeast infection... and boys/men don't always need medicine for that like girls do. We just needed to clean it and all that joyful stuff.  But we did go in after all... the nurse was expecting us. And I'm glad he did.  Xander has what's called balanoposthitis.
We didn't have him circumcised when he was born... we'd chosen to leave him the way he was made. The research I did back then said that there was no extra special care needed for an uncut penis. So we never did anything special when it came to cleaning. Turns out, that was wrong. After a certain age, he needed to be taught to pull the skin back like once a week, and clean it. And now, because we haven't been doing that, it's infected, it's swollen. And the skin is very tight.. and almost got stuck at the hospital. And that night when we tried to put medicine on it. Which would have led to an emergency circumcision.   So we are now looking into having him circumcised after all. I'm not happy with it... but this could just be the beginning of problems down the road. And if it's what is best for Xander, then it's what will be done.

I'm sure it makes certain family members oh so happy to know he'll have a "normal" penis. *rolls eyes*  I didn't plan to modify my childs body so he could fit in with the other kids. And honestly, more and more people AREN'T circumcising nowadays... that I believe he woulda "fit in" either way.  I'm only doing it because it's what is medically necessary.

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She says when they get in the showers at high school.. the other boys would make fun of him then. *rolls eyes*

I really need to do research, to see if this is really going to be necessary, or if there is a non-surgical way to fix what's going on.

I'm sure he's not gonna be the only one who is not circumcised. I read that there's more and more uncircumcised guys cause doctors refuse to do it unless they get paid for it (the fee for that is around $330 here in Canada) or it's due to infection or something...

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