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Writer's Block: Under Protest
Yes I have. I've boycotted Walmart because of a fight between my husbands work and them.

They use carbon monoxide and other things to package their meat. Which HIDES when the meat is going bad. How many people buy a large package of meat, break it up into smaller freezer bags, and actually remember to put an expiration date on it? If you don't... and you buy that meat, you chance getting sick off meat you THINK will be ok. Because it looks and smells ok because of what has been injected into it. Walmart pushed those meat companies into doing it.

Research Kalsec and Walmart if you wanna know more.

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I just never buy meat at Wally World period. The only thing I do purchase is the ground beef in a tube because they can't fuck that up. I also am very careful when I buy produce too. I only shop there, because I have no choice money wise I have to be penny pinching.

Yeah... I've since gone back to shopping there when I really HAVE to pinch pennys... I'm too broke to stay away completely. I just don't get groceries there.

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