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Growing Pains?
I don't recall growing pains ever causing me to instantly stop what I was doing, grabbing the spot that hurts, and crying like I was dying. Do you?

Maybe I just didn't have them that bad.... or whatever. My 8 year old has been having these side pains for about a month now, and while she doesn't have a great tolerance for pain, she's not a huge wuss either. It doesn't last long, and she's fine before and after it... but when it hits her, it hits hard and outta nowhere.

I've talked to the phone nurse... and the first one was all "well if there is no symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea
or fever... then I'd just keep track of how often it is happening... etc. The second one I talked to, because I just wasn't comfortable with that... made an appointment for Makenzie on Monday.

If it's growing pains... fine. But I want it looked at. Ya know? Cause if it's (GOD FORBID) something else... I would want to know so we could get it taken care of so my baby wasn't in pain anymore.

What do you think? (If there's anyone out there reading this lol)

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Hi, new LJ friend here chiming in...

My daughter, Amber will be 8 next mnth and she has experienced side pain similiar to what you have described. This pain has come and gone since she was in preschool. She's also grown more than a foot since then and yes, the nurses and doc all said the same thing if no other symptom is present it is considered a muscle spasm or 'growing pains'. I've always treated it with some time (30 min or less) under a heating pad and some herbal tea. altho, the first few times it happened I was frantic with worry about underlying causes and organ failure...

As for me, yes, I can remember having such pains after overexcurting myself running, playing, or dancing...they were excrusciating but I was a tough lil girl growing up with 3 older bros so the side pain did not make me cry. But, it was the charlie horses that woke me at night that would make me cry. In my memory those two types of growing pains went together.

Thanks for your response... sorry I'm late with that. I keep forgetting to come back here! LOL
We went to the dr, and she couldn't think of anything that fit the pain, other than just muscle spasms. She did an xray to be sure, and nothing showed up.

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