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Trains and more
We went into town today to watch an old steamer roll through. This train only comes out for train shows... and is over 60 years old. Was very cool to see! I'll have pictures to share soon, when I get home on my own computer and can upload them.
Xander told me afterwards that the train was "off the hizzle".  LOL He watches way too much tv, we gotta put a stop to that!  UP until then though, he was ready to go home, tired of waiting... it was hot.... can we go yet? LOL
My poor car went off road today to see this train. LOL We found a trail to take us down to the tracks.. and it looked safe... but then I bottomed out. Ughhhhh let's hope I didn't injure poor Herbie. I haven't seen any leaking oil or anything, so hopefully that's a good sign.

Now I'm sitting at my moms helping my grandma with her very dead yard sale. Getting a feel for a macbook... kinda like it... but would be afraid to have my own because if something goes wrong with it, I wouldn't know the first thing about fixing it. LOL



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