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D Day
I go for the results from Xanders testing with the neuropsychologist today, in just a little bit. I'm nervous... because I want answers. But  I don't. I want my child to be "normal," but if they say he is and that I'm wrong in thinking something is going on... I'm not sure I'm going to be happy with that. I feel in my gut there is something there. Moms intuition.

I wanted to copy down the notes I jotted down for the dr a while back, so if for whatever reason I lose this list, I have it backed up somewhere. These are some of the reasons why I think Xander may either be autistic, or have something else going on that I'm not familiar with.

He has no fear. Take swimming for instance, he'll run right into a lake, jump off a dock... unaware of how deep it is, and can't swim well enough to not drown. Does he care? No... cause you'd save him, and he'd just turn right around and do it again.
He has a VERY high tolerance for pain with the big things, like knocking his tooth out of his mouth at age 2. He was MAD, not hurt. And then he was back playing before it was done bleeding. My husband made the comment that if that had been HIM, he'd be a baby on the couch for a few days. (LOL)
But then with the small things, like his sister twirling in circles and hitting him by accident, he overreacts... acts like you would expect for the bigger accidents.
Uneven gross/fine motor skills
Non-responsive to verbal cues... I don't know if this is selective hearing, or if he's so zoned in on something he doesn't hear us. He's had hearing tests and his hearing is fine.
Sensory... he doesn't like his teeth brushed, his hair brushed, he acts like I'm killing him when I shave his head (I don't do this anymore, we've decided to let it grow so it wouldn't be an issue)
He started sucking his fingers around the age of 1. If he is not allowed to suck his finger (like in school) he will chew on his shirt. He's ruined MANY shirts in one day from chewing/sucking on them.
I'm not sure if he had his vaccines at that time... don't remember how close to his bday/1 yr check up. I do believe he had mono, and have thought all along that he started sucking his finger because he was so sick.
He is always putting stuff in his mouth, no matter how nasty or bad for him.
Lack of or delay in spoken language. He's had speech therapy since he was 3 and we still find it hard to understand him a lot of the time.
repetitive use of language and/or motor manerisms
he repeats himself a lot, barely takes a breath before starting a sentance or whatever over. He sometimes rocks, will do hand flapping every so often.
Stiffens up his arms and hands when he gets nervous, like going down steep stairs with a lot of people around him.
Little or no eye contact
This is part of why I brought him in for ADHD testing, even holding my hands around his face to try to keep his attention on me, he still tries to look away.
Lack of interest in peer relationships
Preference to being alone
Difficulty in mixing with others
he wants friends over to play, or to go to their house, but then when the friend is around, he doesn't actually play with them. He just needs to know they are there.
lack of spontaneous or make believe play
obsessive attachment to objects
he's never played like a normal kid. Example, he's got tons of train sets, tr acks, trains,etc. He will pick one piece up, and play with that and ONLY that for sometimes weeks at a time. He gets fixated on one toy or object and obsesses over it. Be it a train, a train track, a car, a ruler. He eats, sleeps, watches tv, goes away with it, everything. He can't do anything without that toy or object, it's a fight to keep it at home for school days.
Persistant fixation on part of objects
Insistence on sameness, resistance to change
Difficulty in expressing needs
I've always thoughth e was a cranky baby, from the beginning. When he gets mad about something, he gets VERY mad, and there is no consoling him. he gets happy again on his own time. He sometimes hits, but he doesn't self injure or anything. He does throw toys and try to break them.
Not wanting to cuddle or be cuddles
This, he's either one extreme or another. He'll fight you and get mad at you for trying to cuddle him, or he'll want to cuddle but not understand that his headbutting you and pushing you is hurrting or aggravating.

It's a messy list, but I don't have time to clean it up. It's time to leave for his diagnosis. Will add more later when I find out what the dr says.

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I don't blame your nephew... I've always had that fear of the filter too. Even as an adult.

Like I said on twitter, I'm still trying to soak in all the info I was given. I'll have all of what she said in writing soon... she plans on mailing me a copy after she writes her report up.
She says that she's reluctant to say he's autistic... that there is a grey area between ADHD and autism... and that he falls in there. She brought up PDD... but didn't say much about it. Left it up to me to google.
She thinks a lot of what he does is coping mechanisms... how he copes with us not understanding him (his speech problem). She recommended behavioral therapy, more extensive speech therapy (than what he gets at school), and play therapy.
I'll write more later, like I said, soaking it all in still, and don't want to forget any details. LOL

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