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I love my son... but his persistance on getting a response from me, even when I shouldn't have to... is going to drive me insane!  Sometimes he doesn't even give me a chance to respond... and he's repeating himself like that... which I TRY really hard to not get short fused at him... but OMG sometimes I can't help it.

     A little background. Xander is ADHD, has been diagnosed since January 09. Since that evaluation and diagnosis, I've been doing a lot of research, and finding that a lot of his little quirks, add up to him possibly having Autism. So... I requested to have him tested. I'd rather get him tested, find out he's not... then not test and him continue to struggle through school and life because we don't know how to properly respond to his needs.
     He had his first appointment with a neuropsychologist on July 8th. This evaluation they asked about my pregnancy, his milestones, how he's been growing up, what quirks I question, etc. She also had him put together puzzles and these storyline cards, noticed a slight tremor in his hand.. which she didn't say anything more than it might be what's causing his fine motor skills to be behind.  At the end, she said that she's really not sure... she's on the fence. That if he does have autism, it's mild. Which... I didn't expect anything more than that. I know he doesn't fit the mold for what society thinks of when they think Autism. He does talk, although he has had to be  in speech therapy for the past 3 years, and isn't done with it yet. He rocks, sometimes. But not all that often. I have caught him flapping his hands when he's upset or excited... but that's also a rare thing. He doesn't go into fits of rage where he's trying to hit things or people, throw things, throw himself, etc. But when he's mad... there's no talking to him. He curls up in his little ball and ignores you until he's ready to be happy again.
     And like I said in the beginning, when he's telling you something.. he repeats over and over and over again. Sometimes you have to be like "OK Xander... I heard that part, now move on," because he'll repeat the same sentance 10 times before moving on to the rest of the story.  There's more too, but I got my grandma chewing ice in my ear, and the kids constantly interrupting my train of thought. *sighs* I'll add more later. LOL


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